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About us

How To: Community makes your customers shine!

We are a purpose-driven project that aims to deliver knowledge and best practice in community management for start-ups & entrepreneurs worldwide.

Our team members are certified ExO consultants and trainers with seasoned expertise in innovation, business consulting and management.






Engagement &

ExOCertificates of How To: Community. Badges of ExO Foundations, ExO Consultant, ExO Trainer and ExO Sprint Coach

Community from A to Z
done smoothly

Managing crowds & community gets on your nerve? Don’t know where to start from?

We help your idea of community bear fruit

Business Models

Communities enable scalable and exponential models, harnessing the potential of the entire ecosystem underlying the organization. We support you in development and application of scalable business models to keep up with the changing landscape.

Community & Crowd

Allows your company to scale fast and efficiently, tapping into the collective intelligence and resources of a vast network of individuals and organizations. We help you apply these concepts for your company's transformation.

Engagement & Gamification

One of the main levers to ensure the longevity of a community is its involvement. We guide you through application of various gamification techniques to improve your community engagement.


A human-centered approach designed around your customers to create valuable connections with your community members and generate win-win relationships.

Community Training

We offer you an opportunity for shifting your community approach to the next level, creating a great value for your customers, and gaining the best results from collaboration with community.

Events Organization

An important part of your community's life. With our significant experience in events management, we co-create events that become a meaningful delight for eyes and community boosters.

Human-2-Human improvement for better opportunities

Our Massive Transformative Purpose is closely related to people and opportunities that humankind can offer to the world.

We apply people-first approach to our work and teach business to put people as customers to the first place.

Our clients listed on the black background: Singularity Group, Xperience Plus, Forever Identity, Rental Consulting, ExoEconomy, ExOAngels